Industrial/Organizational Psychology : History, Research, & Theory

Industrial/Organizational Psychology : History, Research, & Theory


Steven G Carley
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28 Apr 2014
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Industrial/organizational psychology one may inquire into what exactly such a domain to pertain? In response to such an inquiry, one may view industrial/organizational psychology as the merger of industry, organization, and its relation to psychology. Industrial relates to industry referencing "the economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories." The organization is "an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, or association." Psychology represents the scientific study of behavior and mind. Industrial/organizational psychology is the merger of these three entities into a single scientific discipline. More simply put industrial/organizational psychology is the study of the workplace and the interactions among the organization. Historically industry precedes the slow moving organizational side of the field. The focus of the organizational side of the workplace represents a focus on the worker and his or her well-being. How important is the workplace in our lives? To many, the role of work can be to identify an individual bestowing him or her with autonomy. The harmony work represents, the goal of which is to fit the right people to the right jobs, and of course at the right time. One may question of which to be of more importance industry and its technology or organization and the people and structure thereof. Perhaps both are of equal importance as one can certainly not exist without the other. The merger of industry and organization represents a dynamic into a more modern industrial/organizational psychology. Studying the behaviors of industry and organization from a scientific standpoint creates a unique perspective and discipline pertinent to the spirit and nature of the workplace. The individual to the workplace represents a vital component to the culture of the organization, and as the individual succeeds so too does the collective of the organization. The goal of industrial/organizational psychology being to contribute to this success among individual and organization.

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