Apocalypse America!

Apocalypse America!


Michael McCarty, Mark McLaughlin
Paperback | 254 pages
152 x 229 x 15mm | 376g
Publication date
20 Apr 2019
Independently Published


Flesh-eating dust mites, Internet Witches, murderous robots, giant scorpions, demonic creatures and sophisticated cannibals - these horrors and more inhabit the future ruins of the United States in APOCALYPSE AMERICA! by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin. Following a devastating nuclear war, America is thrown into chaos. Malevolent Internet Witches use their monstrous cyber-magic to attack the country through its computers. The last hope for humanity rests with Cain, a post-apocalyptic nomad who is determined to find a legendary paradise known as Eden. Cain is joined on his trek by new friends: Galileo, a surgically enhanced rabbit with a human mind; a brilliant robot named RT-Fax; and Miranda, a downloaded Internet Witch who has discovered the joys of being human.The group is pursued on their journey by the Shadow Man, the demon Legion, and various minions of the Internet Witches. The friends travel across America in search of Eden, and learn that the country has become a dizzying patchwork of bizarre compounds, whose inhabitants are desperate, dangerous, and sometimes, not even human.Cain and his friends also learn more about why America is hovering on the brink of ruin. Before long, they have reason to believe they can repair the damage and restore the country to its former glory. Can they access the secrets of Eden and save the Earth, before all living things are destroyed?McCarty's books include LOST GIRL OF THE LAKE (coauthored by Joe McKinney), CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN, and MODERN MYTHMAKERS: 35 INTERVIEWS WITH HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS AND FILMMAKERS. McLaughin's latest paperback releases are EMPRESS OF THE LIVING DEAD: 25 TALES OF HORROR & THE BIZARRE, and the Lovecraftian story collections, HORRORS & ABOMINATIONS: 24 TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS and THE HOUSE OF THE OCELOT & MORE LOVECRAFTIAN NIGHTMARES, both coauthored by Michael Sheehan, Jr.

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