Haiku History : The American Saga Three Lines at a Time

Haiku History : The American Saga Three Lines at a Time


For the past nine years, acclaimed historian H. W. Brands has been tweeting the history of the United States. But this has been no ordinary version of the American tale. Instead, Brands gives his 5,000-plus followers a regular dose of history and poetry combined: his tweets are in the form of haikus.

Haiku History presents a selection of these smart, shrewd, and always informative short poems. "Shivers and specters / Flit over hearts in Salem / And so nineteen hang" describes the Salem Witch Trials, and "In angry war paint / Men board the British tea ships / And toss the cargo" depicts the Boston Tea Party. "Then an anarchist / Makes one of the war heroes / The next president" recalls the assassination of William McKinley and the ascension of Teddy Roosevelt to the presidency, while "Second invasion: / Iraq, where Saddam is still / In troubling control" returns us to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. As he travels from the thirteen colonies to the 2016 election, Brands brings to life the wars, economic crises, social policies, and other events that have shaped our nation. A history book like no other, Haiku History injects both fun and poetry into the story of America-three lines at a time.

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H. W. Brands
Hardback | 148 pages
114 x 178mm
Publication date
04 May 2020
University of Texas Press
Publication City/Country
Austin, TX, United States