Dorothy Lyle in Help

Dorothy Lyle in Help


THE MIRACLES AND MILLIONS SAGA TWO MINDS, TWO BODIES, TWO HEARTS, ONE SOUL. Dorothy Lyle returns in her latest adventure, waiting in dreaded anticipation of the day she will have to leave her apartment and move into the gigantic new mansion it has taken almost a year to complete. Deep down, she knows she was crazy to have commissioned such a bespoke eyesore, just because a random American appeared to her in a vision. Actually four visions. And a dream. Three nights in a row. Such a concentration of visions must surely indicate she's on the correct path? Right? Refusing to express her fears, she is becoming increasingly aware that this life's challenges are unlikely to vanish just because she is rolling in cash. She wonders how she and her trusted housekeeper would cope in a modest-sized house, without the benefit of a media center, a glass staircase or life- sensing toilets. She suspects they would thrive, yet deep down knows the simple life is no longer an option. And as the Sick Puppy ups the nasty game of cat and mouse, only the modern-day fortress that is her new home stands between Dorothy and a terrible fate. Perhaps the universe does know what it's doing after all. Welcome to Help. The third novel in the Miracles and Millions Saga. A story of joy.

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Ella Carmichael
Paperback | 362 pages
152 x 229 x 19mm | 485g
Publication date
10 Mar 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white