The Education System : The Fault In Its code

The Education System : The Fault In Its code


The Education System: The Fault In Its Code reveals the deepest and darkest secrets of our Education System, with its dark history dating back centuries ago. The Education System has been successful so far, but not in creating successful individuals. It has been so far successful in carrying out its dark agenda, that it was constructed for centuries ago. This book reveals why the current Education System was never modelled to make people successful. This book reveals the most chilling secrets of the Education System. The main aim of the Education System was never to educate people. Reaching the deepest depths of psychological and physical effects this system has on the students, this book illuminates how the Education System murders creativity and individuality and signifies the negative psychological effects it has on the students. If the Education System has ever made you feel like a failure, if you want to find the reason why the Education System is the biggest adversary of success and if you want to find the right path to success, then this eye-opening journey is for you. The Education System is a parasite that unnoticeably feeds on your dreams. It is time to bring this evil to a halt. This book will reveal why the successful people had to unlearn everything taught to them in school in order to become successful. This book includes astonishing facts about the defective curriculum and reveals how it impacts your mindset more than you could ever realize. This book includes the design and ideas for a new remodelled Education System that will contribute to the growth of the people. This book can save you from a life of despair, by revealing the true intent of the Education System. If you want to escape the chains that the Education System imprisons you in for life, then this eye-opening journey is awaiting your arrival.

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Sahil Verma
Paperback | 140 pages
140 x 216 x 8mm | 186g
Publication date
05 Jun 2018
Notion Press, Inc.